Environmentally Friendly Products & Policies

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Elyria Fence is leading the way with a variety of choices in environmentally friendly products! Like you ~ we care about leaving a world for our children that is better than anyone thought possible! That's why we carry the products that we carry.

Wood Fence

We have a million reasons for loving the white cedar that we use for our wood fence, trellises, garden arches, and pergolas, however, one of the best parts about the white cedar that is supplied to us (and only us) is how it is forested. The White Cedar that is carried by Elyria Fence is originally grown in the National Forest in the UP of Michigan. Permission is granted by the Forest Industry to cut the trees, however, the boughs & limbs are left behind for the deer to feed on throughout the winter. The UP receives so much snow throughout the winter months that the deer population struggles against the constant threat of starvation. The program of leaving the boughs and limbs behind has saved countless lives from the inevitable fate of starvation. Once the trunk of the tree is harvested, the bark is scraped off and used for mulch. The remaining portion of the tree is then cut for boards. It of course goes without saying that the Biodegradability of wood make it the most environmentally friendly product out there for fence. In line with our dedication to being kind to the environment, all of our treated materials (posts and deck material) are Osmose MicroPro. MicroPro is a revolutionary way to pressure treat wood for , fence posts and other products for general construction use. It is the first wood to receive EPP Status (Environmentally Preferable Product) certified by the Scientific Certification Systems. The Osmose MicroPro preservative system reduces total energy use by approximately 84 percent and greatly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The copper in wood products treated with the Osmose MicroPro preservative system bonds readily to organic matter in the soil. The result is that the copper becomes biologically inactive, thus causing no eco-toxic or other environmental impacts. Wood products treated with the Osmose MicroPro preservative system result in the release of 90 percent to 99 percent less copper into aquatic and terrestrial environments when compared to standard treated wood products.

Ornamental Aluminum Fence

The recycled content on Ornamental Aluminum tends to vary with supply and demand. The current amount of recycled aluminum which is contained in the ornamental aluminum that is manufactured by Ultra for our company is 90 percent. Another thing that makes Ultra Ornamental Aluminum an environmentally friendly product is the powder coat finish. Unlike sprayed-on liquid enamel paints, powder coat has no V.O.C.s (Volatile Organic Compounds) which harm the environment as well as people, and usually have strong odors that require ventilation and [often] filter masks during the application. Also, powder coat is applied electrostatically, which means that approx. 99.5% of the powder adheres to the metal and [unlike liquid) the remaining powder can be recycled, so there is virtually a 100% recovery rate! The bulk of our customers that are looking at maintenance free fencing typically consider vinyl fence along with the ornamental aluminum fencing options. It's important to consider the pros and cons of both products. If environmental impact is a priority for you then it's important to consider a few additional issues as they compare aluminum to vinyl. The main advantage of aluminum over vinyl from an environmental standpoint is that vinyl uses a lot more natural resources to produce and ship. Vinyl fence is made by combining natural gas and salt (there is currently a salt shortage), and extruded with electricity (most likely produced by coal). Additionally, it costs a lot more to ship the vinyl because of the weight, which wastes gasoline. In other words...excessive amounts of at least 4 different resources are used in the process. Alumina (the main ingredient in aluminum alloy) is the most abundant metal on earth, and although the extrusion process is similar to vinyl, it uses fewer natural resources to produce and ship!

Ornamental Steel

The ornamental steel that we offer is manufactured by Richard's Wholesale. The percentage of recycled material tends to vary between 84 percent and 40 percent based on what's available.

Chain Link Fence

Our chain link fence is also supplied by Richard's Wholesale, and is manufactured from 90% recycled steel and 10% virgin pig iron.

Our policy on recycling

Our company places a very high importance on recycling. We often find ourselves tearing down, and hauling old fences prior to the installation of a new fence. We are contracted with a company that takes all of the materials from our wood teardowns, and grinds it into mulch. We also recycle all of our scrap steal, etc. Nothing is left to waste.