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white cedar fence board versus red cedar fence board

Northern White Cedar Versus Red Cedar

In today's marketplace, it is difficult for consumers to make educated decision. With the multitude of stores selling treated or red cedar materials, it is easy to assumethat this is your best option when building a fence. Consumers do not realize how untrue that information is. Treated boards are certainly the least expensive way to go. This is the main reason so many stores prefer to offer it. However, as most people know, you get what you pay for. In terms of Red Cedar, there are a multitude of disadvantages in using it. Red Cedar mainly grows in Oregon. It is a larger tree and is darker in color. Over time, Red Cedar will fade to almost black. Red Cedar does not have a natural preventative again rot and decay like White Cedar. Therefore, it's lifespan is much shorter. Red Cedar's grain is very different from that of White Cedar. Its grain promotes splitting and checking in the boards. Northern White Cedar boards have cells that absorb very little water or moisture. It has natural inhibitors to fight off rot and decay. In addition, White Cedar is one of the more stable woods available to the building industry. It will shrink less than one percent, and rarely warps, twists or cups - unlike treated wood, generally made from Yellow Pine, and famous for all three unwanted characteristics. The unrelenting soaking, freezing, and drying cycles of the environment play havoc on all kinds of wood. According to the US Forestry Service, treated wood is no better than White Cedar at withstanding the rigors of Ohio weather. In fact, it may not work as well, since the species selected for treatment are chosen specifically for their ability to soak up moisture. This allows the wood to soak up the chemical treatments. Just as a wooden ship is constructed with a variety of wood species for a purpose, your wood fence can also benefit from using a variety of species. In other words, treated materials do have a place in the construction of a fence. Typical Ohio soil contains a lot clay, and does not drain well. Combine this problem with the correct construction method of setting posts in a concrete footer, and you have the dilemma of trapped moisture in and around the post. This is an ideal environment for the decay fungus to operate in. Therefore we recommend using MicroPro treated wood for the posts, preferably made of Red Pine. For additional information on White Cedar that is used for fences see the National Forestry Services website.
custom build white cedar lattice gate

Custom Built

The Elyria Fence Co. has been custom building wood fence for years. Through that time we have researched different options, and inspected numerous mills. Providing only high quality materials from reputable mills is the only option. Even though we do not feel confident in an all treated wood fence, we do prefer to build our fences with treated posts materials due to the ground contact and concrete footers. The custom built Elyria Fences are built with treated #1 Red Pine posts and Northern White Cedar boards and framework. The grade of #1 means that it has met the criteria established by the National Lumber Industry. It should have very few knots and no bark or rot. We have found that Red Pine produces less sap and is less prone to warping than Yellow Pine or Ponderosa Pine. Therefore, customers should have fewer problems with posts producing excess sap or twisting.
aluminized chain  link fence installed by Elyria Fence

Aluminized Chain Link

The Elyria Fence Co. only uses aluminized wire on their chain link fences. Aluminized wire is protected and warranted against rust for thirty years. Due to the process of aluminizing, a higher break strength wire must be used. This wire is much stronger than the wire commonly used for galvanized wire, even though they may be the same gauge or thickness. Galvanized wire is the most commonly installed fabric due to its price. However, Galvanized wire will begin to rust a few years after installation. Whether your fence will be used in a residential area, or in an industrial area - with Aluminized chain link you truly do get the best of both worlds. You get the strength of steel with the corrosion resistance of aluminum. Aluminized chain link also has self healing capabilities when damaged. The Aluminized coating does not wash off like the zinc coating on galvanized chain link. Aluminized chain link has very high heat resistance with the ability to withstand fire. Aluminized chain link also has the ability to withstand most industrial atmosphere corrosive elements. We sell aluminized wire in three different gauges: nine gauge, ten gauge and 11-½ gauge. The strongest of the three is nine gauge and they decrease in strength respectively. Our estimators will be happy to work with you to determine which gauge is best for your application.
Plygem vinyl fence installed by Elyria Fence

Vinyl Fence, Porch and Deck Railing

Our Vinyl fences, porch and deck railings are manufactured by Plygem. These fences and railings are maintenance free in respect to painting, and they carry a lifetime warranty. They are available in a variety of designs and heights. Plygem has been extremely flexible in the designs. Although the styles are prefabricated they strive to meet the needs of our customers. The Elyria Fence Company spent a lot of time researching the various manufacturers of vinyl fencing and railing. There are a lot of companies out there providing the product; however, not all of those companies are providing a good product. We feel that Plygem has a product that we are proud to hang our company sign on. Vinyl fences are not always appropriate, and it is extremely important to consult an estimator first before deciding to have one constructed. There are a lot of factors that will affect the durability of a vinyl fence or railing.
Ultra ornamental aluminum railing installed by Elyria Fence

Ornamental Iron and Aluminum Fences and Railings

The traditional "old world" ornamental wrought iron is still one of the most beautiful and decorative options available. It is custom built for the customer by skilled artisans. Though it is extremely decorative do not let its pretty face deceive you. It is one of the strongest sturdiest fences available. It is common to see these as security fences designed to accommodate automatic door openers and other security systems. Elyria Fence has a relationship with an artisan that custom builds ornamental iron by hand. The quality and beauty is not comparable to any other product on the market. We also offer ornamental steel which will match the iron in strength, and is also custom built by a local company; it is equally as beautiful. The ornamental steel is hot dipped galvanized and powder coated. Therefore, it will not have problems with rust. Ornamental Aluminum is designed to look similar to an ornamental iron fence. By going with the aluminum customers can have the look of an ornamental fence, but not incur the costs associated with the ornamental iron or steel fencing. It is extremely attractive, and made with an aluminum alloy that will rival iron and steel in strength. Most ornamental aluminum that is manufactured lacks severely in strength. Our manufacturer, Ultra Aluminum, is the only one to offer the special technology of this special aluminum alloy. Your estimator will be happy to assist you in deciding which choice is best for your needs.


The Elyria Fence Company has stood strongly since 1932. The family owned business that was started by Thomas Polen has become a landmark in Elyria, and a strong prescence in most Northern Ohio communities. As a young Italian immigrant in the early 1900's Mr. Polen moved to America searching for the American dream. A farmer and tool and die maker by trade, he scraped together what little he had and started the Elyria Fence Co. To this day we maintain the old style of craftsmanship in building that has been long forgotten by many of the trades.


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